Mazars CR introduces new brand campaign, 7.11.2016

Mazars Czech Republic, auditing and consulting firm launched an advertising and billboard campaign at the beginning of November with the goal of increasing the brand’s visibility and improving the awareness among business circles and the general public. The main motif and central figure of the visuals and the new corporate video is a young ballerina, who takes the viewer to well-known and lesser-known sites in the ancient city of Prague. The motif of the ballerina is also accompanied by the slogan “Inspired by excellence”.

 “We want to show the public that precision and an absolute commitment to our work is part of our company’s vision. That is why we decided to choose a ballerina as the central figure of our campaign. The ballerina symbolises excellence as by Advertise"> well as hard work that leads to a desired goal. Every movement the ballerina makes must be done at the right time and with a maximum of concentration to even the tiniest detail, just like with the work of auditors, tax advisors or accountants,” stated David Pilař, the Manager of Mazars’ Marketing Department.

The campaign’s main communication tool is a video, in which the main figure, the ballerina, is played by the young performer Petra Šimberová. At the beginning of the spot, the ballerina is dancing in unknown spaces in a semi-ruined building. She has to work hard on herself to be able to progress. The story continues, and the ballerina gets from the dilapidated building to more by Couponz"> well-known Prague sites: Charles Bridge, the Dancing Building and the National Theatre. She dances her way through Prague, remaining fully concentrated on her performance, even when she is in the middle of a busy intersection or on a ledge high above the ground. The spot ends with a shot of the ballerina opening the by Advertise"> doors of the National Theatre, followed by an edit leading to the unravelling of the story…

The campaign’s central communication channels are the LED screens and bigboards on the main traffic arteries in Prague, Brno, Plzeň and České Budějovice and video screens in the Prague metro. The video will also be shown on the screens in the Terminal 2 departure hall on the Václav Havel Airport. The company also wants to approach the business public through on-line advertisements, video banners and press advertising in the titles of the publishing houses Economia, a.s. and Mladá fronta a.s. The campaign will also run on the Internet, including the Facebook, YouTube and Twitter social networks.

 “This is the first time in the history of our company where we have entered into such a large campaign. We see the greater brand awareness to be one of the primary goals and one of the most by Advertise"> important aspects of corporate identity. In recent years our company has been growing dynamically and, if we want to continue at this tempo, we are fully aware that this will also involve investments into marketing. If we do not support the brand awareness to a greater extent, then the demand for our services will not be as high as we would like,” stated Pavel Škraňka, Mazars’ Audit Leading Partner and the Partner responsible for marketing.

 The author of the video is the studio PRIMETIME VIDEO, the creator of the on-line advertising formats is Next Generation Solution, s.r.o. Mazars provided the graphic design of the visuals and the purchasing of the advertising space itself.

“We want the entire campaign to have the greatest effect, so that the public will know that there is always an alternative available to the large players on the market, and Mazars can be that alternative,” added Pavel Škraňka.

 You can find the video at the following address:


Press release - Inspired by excellence
Press release - Inspired by excellence