Top international payroll trends to look out for in 2023. An overview with our Mazars experts in Central and Eastern Europe

The business environment has always had a dynamic character, constantly changing, and evolving in direct relation to social and economic factors. When talking about payroll, the shifts come in response to the market needs, employee expectations, and employers’ willingness to keep their best human capital within the company. This ecosystem usually drives new trends each year, as companies mature, or new generations enter their new chapter as professionals, breathing new life into the market.

The past three years have shaped all aspects in terms of expectations, job offerings, and flexibility at the workplace. Most importantly, how companies responded to these new needs helped shape the future trends to follow in international payroll.
To better assess this, we spoke with our very own experts, Jana Boštíková, Head of Payroll Department, Mazars in Czech Republic, Outsourcing HR & Payroll Leader, Mazars in Central and Eastern Europe, and Ioana Vlad Rădulescu, International
Payroll and Compliance Director, Mazars.

From your expertise, what are the current market trends in international payroll?

Jana Boštíková: Payroll services are much more dynamic than it is generally thought, we have a long tradition at Mazars with this service line, so we had quite some time to perfect our craft. We constantly respond to our clients‘ everchanging needs, and the evolving legislation, so the only way is to adapt and outperform in the market.

Lately, with the hybrid work model growing more and more, there has been an increase in the need for technology fueled solutions that allow access to properly structured payroll data from anywhere. We have to be able to provide the right answers and in a time sensitive manner to our clients, so having the tools to give them access to payroll data is of the essence. For us this technical solution was a logical extension of our offer, it became a connecting element of our local payroll services, since we operate internationally, in nearly 100 countries worldwide.

Ioana Vlad-Rădulescu: The demand for global payroll services has risen in the past couple of years within our company. This trend has made us look at our internal processes and adjust any aspect that could have helped the way in which we addressed the newly increased need.

We continued to invest in top professionals, aiming to have our own teams, ready to address clients‘ needs with a fully tailored experience. We bet on the direct contact with our professionals, rather than simply interacting with technology.

Nevertheless, technology was one of the main topics we looked into since we had to find the best mix to use in order to serve our clients in the best way possible.

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